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Northwest Climate Methane Task Force

From the website of the Oregon Department of Energy on

​Facility: The site certificate holder will construct and operate a natural gas-fueled combined-cycle electric generating plant. The facility, to be constructed in two phases, will consist of two generator blocks with a combined nominal generating capacity of about 900 megawatts.

Status (Operating): Block 1 went into operation in July 2016; construction of Block 2 has not begun. The certificate holder submitted a request to amend the site certificate in August 2016, and requests approval of the following modifications: extend the construction start deadline for Unit 2 by two years; increase the area within the site boundary from 2,400 to 2,918 acres; construct and operate a 330-megawatt (MW) natural gas, simple-cycle combustion turbine generator (Unit 3) and associated plant additions; construct and operate a 50-MW photovoltaic solar unit; and increase the nominal capacity of Unit 2 from 450 to 530 MW and total nominal capacity of the facility from 900 to 1,360 MW. Proposed related and supporting facilities include a 500-kilovolt substation; interconnecting transmission lines and associated lattice steel structures; and, depending on final design, could include additional water pipelines, utility power lines, control and communication systems, and other support systemsComments on the request for amendment must be received by ODOE by October 17, 2016 at 5 p.m. 

Location: Morrow and Gilliam counties (map)

Site Certificate Holder: Portland General Electric

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